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The Goal: Live life to the fullest. Promote Well-Being and Healthy Aging.

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Boomers-Engaged-PageBOOMERS ENGAGED IN LIFE. Combine Boomers with Well-Being and Healthy Aging and what this is what you get! This board explores the possibilities and trends, especially as they challenge stereotypes.

Nature-Inspires-PageNATURE INPIRES. Nature can put a person in a mindful state. it is often a shift from their internal mental happening to the appreciation of something amazing. Even in a few minutes the calming effect can be like meditation that reduces stress and elevates creative thinking.

Nature inspires AWE!

FIRE AND FOOD Food and fire has its own expression in every culture. It is an engaging activity for the cook and is usually part of a celebration or group sharing. Sometimes the image alone stimulates anticipation, desire and pleasure.

Small-Indulgence-PageSMALL INDULGENCE. Engaging in even small activities that bring on savoring can be precious moments. They clear the head and give the senses a chance to flourish.

Well-Being-and-HA-PageWELL-BEING AND HEALTHY AGING. The evidence is mounting and it says that much of the deterioration we attribute to aging is actually due to lifestyle. This board focuses on how everyday actions can contribute to well-being and healthy aging.

Living55Plus-News-PageLIVING55PLUS – NEWS & RESOURCES. News, events programs from Living55Plus and other key organizations involved in well-being and healthy aging.

Exuberant-Laughter-Page2EXUBERANT LAUGHTER. Laughter and smiling are good medicine. They override stress hormones in the brain, improve cardiovascular functioning and increase creativity. Yet, we don’t laugh enough. In the 1950’s adults laughed 18 times a day; now it is about 6. Find reasons to laugh. If you can’t, just laugh – even faux laughs help.

Birds-and-Birdwatching-PageWE LOVE BIRDS. Birds are a study in natural beauty and its unlimited variation. Accessing birds uniqueness is a mindful processing requiring one’s full concentration. Finding them in their habitat and identifying species gives one a greater appreciation of nature.

Encore-Jobs,-Careers-and-New-Business-PageENCORE JOBS, CAREERS AND NEW BUSINESSES. Boomers are having longer lives and are looking for fulfilling ways to stay engaged. Some want to follow a passion, others need to supplement their income and many want to stay meaningfully engaged.

Healthy-Habits-PageHEALTHY HABITS. If you are a Boomer you’ve seen what is deemed “good health information” come and go. Today is no exception, except that there is more information. This board sorts through the fads and flimflam promotions. If something is new or is trending, we try find out if there is a scientific basis. Sometimes, the science may not be clear. We promote it if the potential health benefits outweigh the potential risks.

Public-Markets-PagePUBLIC MARKETS. A Public Market or a Souk, a Bazaar, a Mercado, a Tianquis or a Palengke – by any name these are places where people have mingled for 1000’s of year. They buy food, imagine the upcoming meal and develop a sense of social inclusion. People might make a trip to the supermarket as short as possible but in public markets they linger and interact. At best, public markets are part of our social fabric.

CITY SCENES AND BUILDINGS. Buildings and cities are where we live. They can be mundane or enlivening. They can make you feel good, relaxed or frenetic. They are rocks, steel and wood but when done right can be stimulating and uplifting. Even looking at photo can elicit an emotional reaction – in some cases it is “I want to be there, physically and mentally.”

New-in-Eating-RightNEW IN EATING RIGHT. In the past 5 years there has been an explosion of research on healthy eating, especially on how it affects both body and brain. Here we vet the trends and turn the research into everyday ways to make these insights actionable.

Wit-and-Wisdom-PageWIT AND WISDOM. Wit is a form of intelligent humor! It is the ability to say or write things that are clever and usually funny. We look for wit and wisdom that puts important aspects of life into perspective. Sometime it makes us laugh but also to…

Faces-tell-stories-Page2FACES TELL STORIES. Faces – sometimes they make you wonder about the person’s life experience. Other faces seem to reveal the owner’s personality or constitution. It is as if a few wrinkles and hardships couldn’t dull a zest for life. Wouldn’t you love to hear their stories?

Weird-Stuff-PageWEIRD STUFF. Sometimes you just shake your head in disbelief and ask, “Is that for real?” It can make you wonder about the circumstances that made the situation come about. In others the question is this a twisted form of humor or serendipity.

Gadgets-and-Technology-PageGADGETS AND TECHNOLOGY. Clever ideas and gadget that make life easier. Sometimes they are so simple that you think, “Why didn’t I think of that.”

Playtime-PagePLAYTIME. Play is something children do to explore the world and develop their brain. They do it spontaneously! Too often adults act as if play is not appropriate behavior. Yet, we now know that playfulness is the heart of creativity and the ability to adapt to a fast-changing world. Playfulness builds relationship and it makes you sexy at any age.

Gardening--Fun-and-Easy-PageGARDENING: FUN AND EASY. Want a little but productive garden? Need some tips and inspiration? This board will give you a steady stream of ideas to help reap the rewards and pleasures of gardening.

Geo-Trivia-Page2GEO TRIVIA. Amazing places, creatures and stories of planet earth. Trivia yes, but it can give you perspective. This can be a respite from the day-to-day activities that can cause stress. Like a reset button. Or, they can inspire you to think about the “geo stuff” around you. Hopefully these image inspire you to find AWE and wonderment in your daily life.

Flowers-PageFLOWERS HAVE STORIES TOO. The old adage says, “Stop to smell the roses.” There ar at least three valuable parts to this advice. One, slow down an perceive the wonders of the world around you. Appreciation of the beauty is one good reason. Second, either giving or receiving flowers is healthy – it reduces levels of the stress hormone in the brain. A third, it gives all of your senses a workout. Can you hear the bee on the flower?

Fun-and-True-PsageFUNNY AND TRUE. A humorous view of how we make our way through life. Sometimes it is in the way we attempt to communicate to each other. In others, about how things change over time or how we miss the obvious.

Inspiring-Stories-PageINSPIRING STORIES. Inspiration – something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create. We like stories that touch on an aspect of Well-Being or Healthy Aging and motivate action.