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Seven Weekly Session – 1/2 Day Each

Standing Tall, Walking Well – No Falling

Nothing says you are getting older more than the way you walk. It is not just about appearance. Walking gait, posture and balance are linked to longevity. And, if they are not optimal, they are linked to falling.

We help you rejuvenate your walking gait, posture and balance. We start with a session to regain good neuromuscular patterning that you might have lost because of an injury or disuse. Then, you take some walks to make the new patterns routine.

The likelihood of falling rises quickly after age 55 and the consequence can be life changing. Preventing falling is not just improving balance!

We put you on a program that improves dynamic balance, strength and the functional fitness that doesn’t just keep you upright – it let’s you engage in the activities that make life worthwhile.


A Neuropsychological Tune-up

Most people’s primary concern about getting older is losing their memory and mental acuity. The good news is that it can be prevented.

We will teach a mind-body form of meditation tunes-up your brain. It improves memory, reduces stress, enhances brain blood flow, increases brain size, improves brain chemistry, increases telomerase, improves sleep, reduces depression and reduces brain inflammation.

Good stuff and it only takes 12 minutes per day.

The general trend is for information processing speed to slow down with age. This a good example of “use it or lose it.” And, if you engage in activities that use it, it will improve.

We will get you start with a number of activities do just that.

Being Social

Social connectedness is now considered to be as important to healthy aging as regular exercise and not smoking. Unfortunately, many of us lose some of the social skills needed to keep relationships rich and to make new ones.

We gamify your interactions with others. That’s a fancy way of saying we make sure you are socially engaged in fun activities that build and renew social skills – skills that will help your ramp up your social connectedness. Think it might be awkward, don’t worry, the other people in program have the same goals as you and we make it game-like.

ST communing with nature

Restorative Benefits of Nature

Communing nature enhances your immune system, restores mental sharpness, elevates mood and adds a meaningful perspective. The effects both immediate, long-lasting and are essentially free and without side-effects.

Everyone benefits but some more than others. We engage you in activities that make sure you are one of those who benefits more. The ideal is to visit a forest or the mountain but we will show you how to benefit from nature in your neighborhood, how to bring nature into your house, and how videos and photos can give you a boost.

Emotions and Outlook

Optimists live longer and enjoy life more. When it comes to emotions, most people have a slight negative bias which puts the wrong spin on life. Unfortunately, this can contribute to the increase in depression that happens with age.

People who are flourishing experience at least 3 times as many positive emotions in a day as negative ones. We will get you engaged in activities that bring on the positive vibes. You will leave with a repertoire of ways turn down moods around – in to more pleasant hand healthy upbeat ones.

Adapting to change

Adaptability and Resilience

It is a certainty that the world will change and potentially leave you living in the past. It also certain that you will face adversity. Healthy, flourishing people develop the skills to adapt and bounce back.

Dealing with change can be daunting, especially when the change is forced on you. We will introduce you to strategies that put you in the drivers seat – initiate changes that you find meaningful and rewarding. The same with resilience. In both cases engage you in activities that build the underlying psychological resources.



Your Everyday Ways Plan

Learning about healthy new lifestyle changes will be for not, unless you integrate them in to your daily life.

We will help you build a plan that fits your needs and desires. The focus will be on an everyday ways plan – actions you can incorporate into your daily life.  Importantly, the plan will be based on the neuropsychology of change so it wires the changes into your brain.

Change ourselves

This program is offered with two different emphasis

Prevention and Reboot

This version of the program is aimed at people who people who are getting by but want to flourish. People who want to regain the vigor and vitality that has been slipping away and to keep it from eroding in the future. Typically,  this version of the program is offered in a group setting of about 25 people. It is ideal for groups, associations or corporations.

Rejuvenation and Well-Being

This version is for people who know they have slowed down and are looking to regain at least some of what they have lost. They may have become more sedentary due to an injury or joint surgery or just have not been very active. While this program  is not a substitute for medical treatment for physical aliments or memory loss, it can be synergistic. It is limited to ten people per session and is also offered on a one-on-one basis.

The Next Public Program – Walnut Creek, CA – Begins mid-September

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