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Sure, you will be in a beautiful natural setting, but what else…

We engage you in experiences that will optimize and preserve the physical, social and mental aspects of wellness – now and as you get older.

On the physical side, well nothing says you are getting old more than the way you walk. And, it is not just appearance. Walking gait, posture and balance are linked to longevity. They are also directly linked to falling.

We help you rejuvenate your walking gait, posture and balance. We start with a short session to regain the optimal neuromuscular patterning that you might have lost because of injury or disuse. Then, you take some nature hikes to make the new patterns routine.


Losing one’s memory and mental acuity are the primary concerns of most people about getting older. The good news is that they don’t have to happen.

We will teach you a mind-body form of meditation that : improves memory, reduces stress, enhances brain blood flow, increases brain size, improves brain chemistry, increases telomerase (rejuvenates DNA), improves sleep, reduces depression and reduces brain inflammation.

Good stuff and it only takes 12 minutes per day.

Social connectedness is now considered top be as important to healthy aging as regular exercise and not smoking. Unfortunately, many of us lose some of the social skills needed to make new social relationships.

Throughout the retreat you will be engaging and sharing healthy aging experiences with like-minded people. We gasify your interactions – a fancy way of saying we make sure you are socially engaged and leave with renewed social skills that help make new friends and that are beneficial to both parties.

Smell the roses

Eating right as you age, emotions/outlook and adaptability/resilience also play a critical role in healthy aging. While they are not the the primary focus of this retreat, we do weave practical ways to build them into the experiences.

The whole you is a seventh critical factor in healthy aging. The underlying concept is this: the six factor mentioned above are interdependent and interconnected. The concept might be a little vague but the experience in this retreat will show you just how important the concept is to promoting well-being and healthy aging.

Gray Eagle Lodge Fireplace

When:   September 27 – 29, 2017

Where: Gray Eagle Lodge and Lakes Basin Recreation Area (near Greagle, CA)

National Geographic named the Gray Eagle Lodge as on of the Top 10 North American Summer Lodge (take the tour: Youtube Link)

What’s Included:

  • Two nights lodging in one of the cabins
  • A made to order breakfast each morning
  • A unique lunch experience each day
  • Wine tasting
  • A three course dinner each evening (see menu link)

All Inclusive Price:  $

Gray Eagle Lodge Room
Greagle Falls

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Do you want “a lifelong process of optimizing opportunities for improving and perserving health and physical, social and mental wellness…?”

If so, this retreat is for you!

There is one qualification – you must be physically mobile and be able to walk a half mile on level ground. After that, we customize the experiences to all levels of physical capabilities.

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