A Walk in the Park

How to Plan Your Nature Excursions (Webinar)


When you commune with nature you bring into play a natural antidote to the stress and unhealthy impact of modern life. This webinar discusses how to gain the maximal health benefits from various types of excursions with nature. Benefits can include: stimulation of the immune system, restoration of attentional capacity, increases in vitality and energy and gaining a healthy perspective on life.

Next Webinar: February 15, 2017 at 8 am PST

Product Description

Webinar Details

Communing with nature has been shown to enhance immune system functioning, restore attentional capacity, reduce stress, increase vitality and energy and help people gain a healthy perspective on life. This webinar will provide the rationale and guidelines for planning various interactions with nature, varying from brief respites in a park, day-long experiences to extended stays. It will also include a discussion of other activities that can complement nature and benefit physical and mental well-being.

Who should attend

Anyone who would like use the restorative powers of nature to enhance their well-being and healthy aging prospects.

The Webinar

This is a 1-hour webinar including time for Q & A.

Webinar Leader

John is a psychologist and the cofounder of Living55PLus. His role at Living55Plus is to curate the research that shows how behavior and lifestyle positively impact well-being and healthy aging and, to translate this information into everyday ways to put these findings into action.


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