Are you flourishing


Retreats get you out of routines and give positive lifestyle changes a chance.

They allow you for focus on YOU.

A new location helps you put things in perspective and motivates lasting change.

Interaction with like-minded people provides support and the social benefits of shared experiences.

NorCal Retreat Map
Portugal Retreat with Date


Are a chance to REBOOT you brain, your body and enhance your future.

They are based on the latest research on healthy aging.

You get engaged in experience that show you how to reap the benefits.

Help you build an “everyday ways” plan for a healthy future.

Offer one-on-one coaching.

Wellness Tourism

We embrace the idea that our retreats should be fun and adventurous, like a great holiday. A holiday that makes you feel great (well-being now) and sets you on the path to flourishing in everyday – mentally, physically and socially. We build wellness tourism into the experience.

Ready for some Wellness Tourism?

Ready to invest in Yourself?

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