[tooltip text=”The Berlin Wall was erected in August of 1961 to completely cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany. Before the Wall’s erection, 3.5 million East Germans defected from GDR many crossing over from East Berlin to West Berlin. The wall largely prevented this emigration. Around 5,000 people attempted to escape over the wall, with estimates of between 100 and 200 deaths. Radical political changes in the Eastern Bloc brought the wall down in 1989.”]Berlin Wall[/tooltip]    [tooltip text=”Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, was then Cassius Clay’s strategy to overcome the odds and defeat Sonny Liston for the world heavyweight boxing title in 1964. Shortly after this fight he joined the Nation of Islam and changed his name. He was vilified for refusing conscription into the U.S. military but later idolized for winning the boxing title two more times in legendary battles with Joe Frazier and George Forman. Boxing, philanthropy and social activism turned him into an American cultural icon.”]Mohammad Ali[/tooltip]    [tooltip text=”Dr. Christtiaan Barnard performed the world’s first adult human heart transplant on Louis Washkansky on December 3, 1967 in Cape Town South Africa. Washkansky survived for 18 days. Now about 3,500 heart transplants are performed annually with much longer post-operative longevity.”]First Heart Transplant[/tooltip]

[tooltip text=”In August of 1962, the Cuban and Soviet governments secretly begain to build missile bases in Cuba. This pitted the young and untested president, John Kennedy against Nikita Krushchev of the U.S.S.R. and Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Kennedy’s naval blockage was successful in getting Krushchev to back down and remove the missiles.”]Cuban Missile Crisis[/tooltip]

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