Living 55 Plus is an online community for those of us who want to live our lives beyond the age-related stereotypes. We want to find our Sweet Spots, those activities or experiences that resonate with our interest and enrich our lives.

We start with the premise that life spans have dramatically expanded since most people over 55 years of age were born. We find this significant for two primary reasons.

First, the vision of living fifty-five plus generally formed early in life. For the present, living fifty-five plus is a lot like Improv; we are responding to the present circumstance and are often left to a go of it without a framework for getting the most out of this extended period of life.

Second, we are discovering that many of the symptoms of mind and body deterioration are more a function of lifestyle than biological aging. To be sure, aging is real and accompanied by challenges.

The mission of Living 55 Plus is two-fold. One, to curate the growing body of research related to optimizing living in a new era and under new conditions. The second is to provoke, evoke people living 55 plus into action, to proactively live life to the fullest. As an online community, we are very much about collectively and collaborative defining the potential of living fifty-five plus and sharing what leads to meaningful experiences, outcomes and living.

Like Improv, living fifty-five plus is a work-in-progress that is happening in real time. If you are interested in a Rich and Extended life, join us in this journey of discovery, learning and living.

In addition to, we offer programs for:

  • Groups/Associations of people interested in adopting a lifestyle that promotes both a Rich and Extended Life.
  • Health professionals who would like to incorporate new ways to promote a Rich and Extended Life for their clients.
  • Corporation who want to:
    • Reach the rapidly growing 55 plus demographic.
    • Stimulate employees of all ages to adopt a healthy and enriching lifestyle that is both enriching today and promotes vitality and longevity.


Living55Plus was founded by John and Sylvia Todor, a husband and wife team who found themselves, by default, falling into the pervasive view and lifestyle that assumes getting older is a period of winding down and decline. Four things gave us reason to reconsider:

  • The prospect of spending 20 plus years in physical and mental decline.
  • The awareness of that a significant number of people really do enjoy a rich and extended life, full of meaning and fulfillment.
  • The growing evidence that much of the stereotypical age-related deterioration is a function of lifestyle and not aging.
  • The realization that well being is not just the absence of disease, it is about optimizing mental, physical and social functioning.

We accept, of course, that everyone eventually dies. Yet, after considerable research, we are now convinced that a rich and extended life is a deliberate choice. The lifestyle that took shape in the 20th century is the default for most people, and in many ways is undermining well being contributing to a reduced of life expectancy for some groups.

Our motivation and commitment for starting Living55Plus is to provide a forum to bring together the evidence that mental, physical and social well-being can be promoted through lifestyle. While the evidence is growing and compelling, the everyday ways to engage in this lifestyle are a work in progress. Our goal is to be a catalyst and curator for this growing body of knowledge.

We chose Living55Plus because this age-group has the potential to pioneer and define what a Rich and Extended Life can be. We also focus primarily on people 55 plus because there is urgency for this age-group to act now and learn fast. However, the evidence is clear – the earlier in life you adopt a lifestyle that promotes optimal mental, physical and social functioning, the better.

John I. Todor, Ph.D.
John brings both academic credentials and practical business experience. As a professor and research scientist, he investigated the human ability to learn and adapt across the lifespan. In his role as a business strategist he focused on the people side of business change and innovation. Now he has turned his attention to helping people enhance and enjoy the potential of a long and rich life. At Living55 Plus he curators the research and serves as a catalyst to provoke, evoke and stimulate people to get beyond coping to thriving. (see speakers kit for a full bio.)

Sylvia A. Todor
Sylvia is a seasoned marketing professional with experience in healthcare and technology. Throughout her career she has excelled because of her ability to effectively communicate. Through her training as an artist she gets people emotionally engaged. As a writer she gets the message to resonate. As a person she is a passionate laboratory for living a rich and expanded life. It is Sylvia’s expertise in online marketing, and social media that drives Living55 plus to be a vibrant community.