Retreats get you out of routines and give positive lifestyle changes a chance

They allow you to focus on YOU

If you are 55 or older, a focus on healthy aging is an imperative

Think of this retreat as a chance to REBOOT your brain, body and enhance you potential for the future

Healthy Aging Tips
Healthy Aging Retreats


The underlying science of healthy aging – mental, physical and social

Engaging experiences that show you how to reap the benefits

Time for reflection and building your plan for your healthy aging future

Wellness tourism – exposure to a a new country and culture while engaged in healthy aging experiences


Portugal map
Villas Dinis
Silves in Algarve
baking bread in Algarve
Slicing Iberian ham
Camilo Beach
Kayaking in grottos
Seafood rice in Lagos
Harvesting cork
Moor Ruins
Traditional Portugal
Fado in Lagos

Our retreats take place in and around the city of Lagos in the beautiful Algarve in the south of Portugal. A villa setting lets get into the essence of healthy aging in private – assessing your status quo and learning how to promote optimal well-being. We will cover major constituents of healthy aging – brain health, functional fitness, adaptability and resilience, emotions and outlook, nutrition and being social. The nearby town and countryside provide an opportunity to experience Portugal. And, by design, while you enjoy the stimulation of a new culture and country you will be putting healthy aging principles into action.