Restorative Nature: The Antidote to the Stress of Today’s World

The What and Why of Restorative Nature

Today’s society can cause excessive and chronic stress that is unhealthy and shortens lifespans. Communing with nature can be recuperative, reducing stress and promoting health.

What makes nature restorative? We still don’t understand the all the reasons nature has such a profound effect and it may be some time before we do. But, why wait. Immersion in nature is free and there are no real side-effects.

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Sample Restorative Nature Videos

Restorative Nature Video - Inro
Restorative Nature Video - Yuba River

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Quick Ways to Reduce Stress

Smell Lemons

Smelling lemons can quickly reduce stress!

Smiling is Healthy

Smile – it’s Serious Medicine!

Looking at a favorite photo

Look at a photo of someone special

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