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The importance of Being Socially Connected…

For a period of time, the small Italian Pennsylvania town of Roseto had half the number of heart attacks as neighboring towns. What made them special – they were nourished by people!

Then the town became Americanized. As they blended into traditional American society their strong family and community ties eroded. Sadly, so did their protection against heart attacks.

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Boomers Engaged in Liffe

Boomers: The Rosy Side of Getting Older

Getting older isn’t what it used to be! Boomers have had 15 or more years added to their lifespan since they were born – the first generation where this has happened.

 Sure, there have always been some individuals who lived to a ripe old age. But now 10,000 people a day are turning 65 in America. Many of them do not see themselves as they saw 65 year-olds when they were younger adults. They don’t think of themselves as old. Old applies to their parents, many who are still alive. Boomers are not old but ripe for action!

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How Bocce can Promote Well-Being And Healthy Aging

Bocce is a growing sport in America, and nowhere is this more true that at the Martinez Bocce Federation in Martinez, CA. As this video shows, bocce is a competitive but fun activity that can be played by any age but is particularly attractive to Boomers and older adults. Why? Besides the physical competition, it has a huge social aspect. Watch the video and see how this comes together. created this video because it is a great example of how to engage in a fun activity while promoting well-being and healthy aging.

Watch the Video: Bocce Beyond the Ball

The reflective mood of a beach

The Health Benefits of Communing with Nature

Millions of people make visits to National Parks each year, Regional Parks are usually full on weekends, and even tree-lined streets are the preferred location for coffee houses. Why? Two primary reasons! First, it is an enjoyable experience. Second, getting close to nature has significant physical and mental health benefits.

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