Boomers Guide to Well-Being and Healthy Aging

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Find it Hard to Exercise Even a Little! Read This!

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Even a little light physical activity can dramatically reduce your likelihood of losing your ability to carry out tasks of daily living and your independence.


We know that moderate exercise is good for your health but what if your physical status makes moderate exercise difficult? Would you benefit from light physical activity? A new study involved people 49 and older who had knee osteoarthritis or were at risk of developing it.

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What’s so Funny? IS Good for Your Brain

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Laughter feels good!

Now there is evidence that it is good for your brain.

When you are engaged in joyful laughter, the whole brain gets involved and exhibits high frequency Gamma waves, the kind of brain activity that is seen in adept meditators while they are meditating.

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Everyday Ways to a Good Day, No a GREAT Day

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Having a Great Day

Most people would agree that it is a great day when you feel confident, in control, in an upbeat mood and ready and eager to face the challenges of the day. You could call it happiness but it is more. You are flourishing, energized, feeling good in the moment and facing life so you will feel good tomorrow.

Stress goes down and self-esteem goes up, and when self-esteem goes up so does your mood.

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The Curve Ball in Physical Activity, Health and Longevity

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Regular Exercise is Good for Your Health

- but it’s not as straightforward as you might think

Regular bouts of exercise are a critical component of health and well-being. However, these bouts do not negate the harmful effects of being sedentary during the rest of your day.

Most people now accept there are benefits to exercise and there is a large body of scientific evidence to support it.

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